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Welcome to Delight Bite: GTA's Premier Mexican Food Truck Since 2015


Delight Bite proudly stands as the GTA's best Mexican food truck, serving up an irresistible fusion of flavors since 2015. Our menu features a diverse selection of tacos and loaded poutines that have become local favorites.

Savor our signature tacos, including the Fish Taco, Jerk Chicken Taco, Steak Taco, Pulled Pork Taco, and Veggie Taco, each prepared with authentic ingredients and passion for quality.

Explore our loaded poutines, where innovation meets tradition with options like Jerk Chicken Poutine, Steak Poutine, Pulled Pork Poutine, and the timeless Classic Poutine. Each dish is crafted to perfection, promising a delicious experience every time.


Looking to impress at your next event? Delight Bite specializes in catering for both company gatherings and private events. Let us bring our flavors to you, ensuring your guests enjoy a memorable culinary experience.


Contact us and discover why we're a staple in the GTA food scene. Follow us for updates on locations and events, and let us cater your next occasion with our delectable offerings.

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